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Chieu Minh Pet Cremation makes it easy for you to give your hamster a dignified and humane cremate. You won’t have to spend a fortune, and you won’t have to worry about your pets’ remains.

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1. What are the benefits of hamster cremation?

Hamster cremation is the procedure of burning a hamster's body to form cremains, which are then customarily buried. Because there is no need for a casket or a plot of land, hamster cremation is less expensive than burial. Furthermore, hamster cremation is less harmful to the environment than burial since it does not require chemicals or embalming fluids. Finally, because there are no accompanying fees with a coffin or parcel of land, hamster cremation is often less expensive than burial.

2. How much does it cost to cremate a hamster?

Cremation is a popular method of disposing of hamsters, and it can be pretty affordable. The average cost of cremating a hamster is around $20, but it can vary depending on the number of hamsters and the cremation service you use.

3. How long does the hamster cremation process take?

The hamster cremation process usually takes about 1-3 hours.

4. What do I need to do before bringing my hamster in for cremation?

The hamster itself can be cremated without any additional preparation. We ask that you please keep the hamster's belongings to a maximum of 1kg if you plan to cremate it with them.

5. How do I know if my hamster has appropriately been cremated?

For peace of mind that your hamster was cremated appropriately, contact Chieu Minh Pet Cremation, and we will give you images and videos of the process. We have worked in this field for over five years, so you know you'll get excellent service from us.


Chieu Minh handled the cremation of our hamster with professionalism and compassion. They handled our hamster with care and made the experience stress-free for us. We appreciate their kindness and generosity so much.

Phuong Hang / Go Vap District

The discovery of Chieu Minh has been a lifesaver. When it came time to cremate my hamster, they handled the process with great kindness and efficiency. Now that my hamster is no longer in any pain, I can rest easy knowing that she received the highest level of care.

Kevin / District 7

The hamster cremation service I obtained from Chieu Minh Company was excellent, so I decided to use them again. As a result of the staff’s professionalism and kindness, I had a really positive experience. If you’re seeking for a dignified and reasonably priced option to cremate a pet, I’d strongly suggest you consider using their services.

Jenny / District 3

The loss of my hamster prompted me to get in touch with Chieu Minh Company. As a result, I was completely at a loss for action. What a wonderful group of people, willing to listen and offer assistance. They reassured me by explaining everything that was about to happen. Their empathy and competence were much appreciated. If you or someone you know has just lost a pet, I strongly suggest you take advantage of their services.

Vivian / District 3

We appreciate Chieu Minh’s promptness in retrieving our hamster, Thumper. They were really kind and supportive as we went through a challenging period. I appreciate your kindness and expertise.

Huong / District 5

When my hamster passed away, I called Chieu Minh. They had a great deal of compassion and understanding. I called and they came within a few hours to get my hamster. I have no hesitation in recommending their assistance.

Tinna / District 12