I started Googling for cremation services when I knew my beloved dog, Cookie is getting weaker by the day and I came across Chieu Minh, which is located conveniently near me. With all the good reviews I saw on their page, I knew in my heart that I could entrust them to handle my dog’s passing.

Sadly, when the day came for my dog to cross the rainbow bridge (30 Sep), I was absolutely shattered and I called Hoang from Chieu Minh immediately. He picked up my call and swiftly invited me to a WhatsApp group with his team and assured me that all will be in their good hands. He even gave us a few more hours to spend with Cookie before they picked him up.

We asked for the sending off ceremony and cremation to be done the next day. The set up for my dog really couldn’t be more beautiful, they cleaned him up and made him look like he was just sleeping peacefully, surrounded by lovely fresh flowers and the whole environment was really serene. Although I couldn’t hold myself back from bursting into tears the moment I saw Cookie again, I was given some last moments alone with him and they have also very thoughtfully gave us cards to write our messages to my dog. When I felt it was time to send him off, Hoang and one of his team members came in to help us with the final “sending off” process and even respectfully bowed to us.

Chieu Minh also has a beautiful selection of handcrafted urns for us to choose from, as well as keepsakes and pendants so we could keep the wonderful memories of our dog close to us. The selection to collection of the urn process was also seamless and fuss-free. Overall, I would like to sincerely thank Hoang, Xu Yang and their team members who have offered a truly dignified and respectful farewell ceremony for my baby. I could feel they put all their hearts into their services and they have given a beautiful and lovely ending to my beloved Cookie. ❤️

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