Entrusting Chieu Minh is an ethereal experience for myself and my child. The comforting yet professional cremation service provided by Hoang, Ms Zhang & Mr Hoang was more that what we could ask for during the stressful period of the passing of the little ball of fur. Mr Hoang helped us to navigate successfully to and into the crematorium. Ms Zhang suggested the types of urns to choose from, cremation certificates and how to secure the lid of the urn tightly. When dealing with the delicate remains, Mr Hoang helped us to place them gingerly into the urn ⚱️ We are eternally grateful for their expertise and encouragement throughout the lengthy yet meaningful process. Chieu Minh brought a much needed closure to the saddening episode. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  • Foong Luan Ong

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