Thanks for the beautiful farewell set up for BunBun. Hoang and the team were amazingly exceptional, it was a full concierge service from pick up to the end. Peaceful location, not difficult to get there.Room was beautifully set up when we got there, the team paid attention to little details and rituals, simple act of lighting candles etc made it a very warm environment for us to arrive to and have our last private moment with our beloved furkid.

They are very compassionate and patience, accommodating to all our requests and thoughtful and respectful in every aspects. They never say no and will give us suggestions. My appreciation and gratefulness is beyond any words that I can find to describe. I feel very comforted that we had entrusted this last service with Chieu Minh.

Highly recommended should you need the service some day. Takes away alot of logistics burden when coping with grief.

Overall it was a beautiful experience even though we were very sad.

Thank you Chieu Minh team,

  • Jiajing He

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