Absolutely stellar service from Hoang, Hoang and the team who was respectful and professional from start to finish. I wish there was an option to give more than 5 stars. They explained the process patiently to me, and were very responsive to all of my queries.

The day my Goggles crossed the rainbow bridge was very difficult, but it was helped immensely by the team who quickly arranged for pickup and brought us through the beautifully arranged cremation process. They also thoughtfully shaved off a bit of fur while preparing her for the cremation so that I could decide if I wanted to create a keepsake with it, or save the fur for my own memento.

I cannot thank your team enough for giving my girl the dignified send-off she deserves and making the last leg of her journey so smooth and fuss-free. Yall are providing a great service to pet owners in some of our darkest times. Thank you again.

  • Keri-Ann Lee

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