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My Wife, Sheila and I was looking for pet cremation services as our dog, Strudel was unwell and she was getting weaker as days goes by. I texted Chieu Minh for enquires and was amazed by the fast response from Nguyen. They never fail to reply our questions. Nguyen even gave us tips to feed Strudel rice water when her appetite decreased. He was really very thoughtful and kind. The day Strudel passed on, we contacted them and they were really quick to setup a group chat so that we can liaise with them should we need any assistance. We had a private cremation with Strudel on the same day she passed on. I really love the way they setup the rainbow room with many flowers, Strudel’s photos, and props. They cleaned up Strudel and she looked so pretty and peaceful, it was the best comfort as pawrents to see her so beautiful. We were really pleased. They also accommodate our request to place lots of toys beside Strudel. They are very professional, thoughtful and helpful. Thank you to the admin team for the beautiful photos of Strudel in the nature background. Hoang was the one who assisted us throughout and he was very prompt and helpful to answer our questions and even assisted us to imprint Strudel’s paw print in 3D for keepsake. Hoang, we would like to thank you for helping us to take photos and videos for memories. Thank you also for assisting us with Strudel’s ashes collection. Chieu Minh team gave our beloved Strudel a truly dignified, peaceful, loving and beautiful send off on her last journey. They sincerely gave all pets a loving, dignified farewell they deserved!
Thank you Chieu Minh team members for your great work and help when we needed them the most!

With Love,
Ken, Sheila, Strudel 🌈🐾♥️

  • Ken Sim

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