A big thank you to Hoang & the wonderful team of Chieu Minh for giving our babygirl Tinkle a dignified and beautiful send off.

When our girl just passed not more than an hour after, I made my first call to Hoang, with my trembling voice as I held back my tears, enquiring about their services. Throughout the call, he makes me feel comfortable. He started with expressing his sympathy before patiently explaining their services and our questions with compassion and empathy.

He managed to secure us a slot on a busy Sunday afternoon at such short notice and made sure we could have her ashes back home with us the very same day as requested. He explained slowly in detail the entire process including cleaning her up by showering her to make her smell like flowers, blow drying her fur to make her feel soft. He even reminded us to put her favorite blanket or towel under her throughout the night before they collect her the next morning.

Shortly after our call, a group chat dedicated to Tinkle was created with their team by Hoang. Our family & friends involved were added in, so that everyone can be kept in the loop with any updates and communication from the team. This helps a lot during such difficult periods as it saves us the hassle of passing on messages around and enables us to focus on spending our last moments with our babygirl.

The very next morning, 海军 whom came to collect Tinkle, was professional yet gentle and even took couple of minutes to pat her head, making sure she was comfortable and ensuring us that she will be in good hands. He was understanding and respectful of our grief throughout as we asked to carry her and followed him along to his vehicle from our place.

When we arrived for the send off ceremony that afternoon, we found our babygirl peacefully in a pretty wicker basket, surrounded with many beautiful pink flowers, pretty decorations around the room and the cutest portrait of her.

As we bid our final farewell privately, there were meaningful ideas from them such as offering cards and colorful pens/crayons for us all to each write down what we wish to say to Tinkle. And also starting the ceremony by telling us to light up candles in remembrance of our girl. The amount of decorations, thoughts and efforts they put in for her was beyond words. It brings us lots of comfort and the feelings of serenity.

The team was really nice to accommodate and tried their best to help us with our very last minute requests. Upon knowing that we had our own urn already, Hoang immediately offered us a keepsake pendant necklace in replacement of their urn, which they are not obligated to yet still kindly offered to do so. We were also able to take our time to say our goodbyes. Even though it was running late, Hoang & team never once rushed us. They respectfully gave us the space and time to let us talk & touch her, which many can relate to, it can be so hard to stop saying goodbye simply because you don’t wish to. This is something that is so important for one who is experiencing loss. To have people around who understand and empathize with your loss, and wish to help you with all they can.

The beautiful photos and videos were sent to us shortly after the ceremony. The speed of their services were so swift. And the edited photo they did for our girl, surrounded with flowers, was so so beautiful. It is exactly what we will always remember Tinkle as – beautiful, sweet and contains all of our hearts.

We are and always will be grateful & thankful to Hoang & the amazing team of Chieu Minh with their dedication, care & efforts for our babygirl Tinkle’s send off. Thank you for everything from the bottom of our hearts.

Tinkle’s family & friends

  • Sophia Huang

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