My faithful and loyal companion for 17.1/2 yrs passed away in my arms at 10.10pm on Wed, 7Dec 2022. He was very sick and in my arms, I told him how wonderful he had been to all of us and our children whom he had grown up with and had now all grown up. I told him how much I love and appreciated him and told him that he did not need to worry and we will meet again! He finally let go and although I had expected his time had come but was still devasted when he passed on. After cleaning him up, i oiled him and wrapped him in a towel and put him in his pet stroller with a flower.

I was lost as to what I should do next. Previously, I would contact my trusted vet to do everything. However my daughter who chose him when she was 5 yrs old shared a FB/IG post on Chieu Minh and I decided to look at the options provided and wanted to do a simple cremation. I took a while to decide and by the time I texted them, it was was past midnight. I was pleased at their prompt response and in the morning, everything swung into action! Chieu Minh arrived at 9.30am for the pick-up and assisted me for a private cremation so that all our family members and one of my daughter who can take leave from school could gather to say our own final private farewell to our beloved fairhful family member.

I was very impressed with the kindness, compassion and super efficiency provided by Hoang and all the staff from Chieu Minh. Thank you all from the bottom of my hearts.🙏🏻❤️❤️❤️

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