I’m impressed at how fast the team responded quickly to my Dog.
Everything was done perfectly and smoothly. The team show lots of respect and patient throughout the process.
Thank you for giving my Dog a final farewell ceremony and cremation!
The crematorium place itself is modern, clean and really comfortable and the set-up was really beautiful.

I appreciate all the staff working at Chieu Minh as they are super efficient and professional individuals.

I’m thankful to have choose them & would strongly recommend your service to others.

Thank you so much, Hoang and team!

-Theresa Yan

  • Yan Theresa

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One thought on “Testimonial #92 (01/2023)

  1. Avatar of Danh
    Danh says:

    I’ve nothing to says but thank you so much for your careful and sincere service. Thanks to you, my little friend could have a beautiful ending!

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