I had engaged Chieu Minh for their cremation services for my hamster 2 months ago. Their team was swift and professional in handling everything that I was obviously not in the mind to do so. I thank Adeline, Hoang and their team for taking such good care of my Peanut (dwarf winter white hamster’s) final journey. Everything happened in a flash for me as I discovered Peanut’s passing. I clicked on the WhatsApp button and I had a reply instantly. After which, Adeline called me and first thing she did was to ask me to check that my hamster wasn’t hibernating (as it is common for hamsters to do so). She was calm and steady, a reassuring voice that I needed in the chaotic mess I was in. Her team swiftly set up a group WhatsApp, kept us in the loop of what’s going on, even sharing location when the staff was on the way to pick up Peanut for cremation. I thank Haijun for his reassuring “我会好好照顾它的!” when he came to pick Peanut. On the day of cremation, Peanut was laid in a beautifully decorated crate with flowers and that treats that I had packed in the box that Haijun collected. We were given time to grieve and say our goodbyes. Everything was so well planned and well thought of. Even after the cremation, Hoang showed us Peanut’s bones and ashes and we were able to put Peanut in his urn.

So when my critically-ill dog, Chewy, was about to pass away on Friday, I immediately contacted Chieu Minh. Everything was planned and settled swiftly. When we reached Chieu Minh on Saturday, the setup for Chewy was so beautiful. She looked as though she was still sleeping and the team even placed some flowers in her front paws, making it seem as though she was hugging the flowers to sleep. We were given the space and time to grieve (I apologise for my loud crying but it was hard losing my beloved Chewy after almost 16 years). The team was very solemn and professional, even helping us to take videos when we were doing the paw print stamp. It was hard to lose my Chewy but the team’s professionalism and service made us feel very well taken care of. Even when we went back to collect Chewy’s ashes, everything was done in front of us, respectfully to Chewy.

We thank Chieu Minh for making these 2 painful journeys a seamless and easy one for us. We really appreciate everything that was done. Thank you.

  • Hun Ng

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