Sometimes, it takes a crisis to get you to started being prepared.

I started researching on pet cremation company after Oi was diagnosed with terminal illness. Chieu Minh caught my attention for their personalised packages and variety of keepsakes for the owners.

When I finally needed their services, I was promptly attended to and a chain of information flow and communication was set up seamlessly. This is crucial because as owners, during a very emotional distressing period, fast and easy to digest information helps to ease tje whole process.

I also give 10 stars to the extra miles that the staff are willing to go to, just to ensure comfort and convenience. I had requested for a very early collection due to work schedule, and even though they do not collect 24’hours, they realy try all ways to accede to my request, even if it means clocking in earlier and beating the morning traffic. When I requested for a specific Buddhist chant to be played, and for certain flowers to be displayed, they are willing to go all out just to find what I wanted.

Another thing is that they use body bag, which I am very happy to see how it made Oi comfortable. It minimises movement during the transfer and Oi can continue to sleep in his favourite bed. The driver treated Oi with dignity, stroked him and asked permission to carry him. He also allowed my other cats to say goodbye even though he has other tasks ahead. The gentleness towards Oi really warm my heart and soothes the pain from the loss. Also, they use wagon instead of trolley to transport down to the van. I really really like how much thought was put into such a small gesture. There is a big comfortable bed at the back of the van, which really allowed Oi to end off his journey with dignity.

I am very happy to engage Chieu Minh. Everyone in the team, from the driver haijun to coordinator Hoang and also the staff onsite, they were very empathetic and caring. It was a fussfree and grounded process.

Thank you Chieu Minh and everyone there. Your gentleness and empathy is feel more than the vets and nurses at the clinic.

Oi also give 10 paws rating. 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

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