I am so glad that I found Hoang, from Chieu Minh months ago. We were in touch for about 2 months ago before our beloved furbaby, Lucy finally passed on peacefully on 17 Nov. Hoang gave me alot of advices and comfort when I told him about the situation with our furbaby. Initially was a struggle for us but I am so thankful that the final journey was a very peaceful, comforting and a calming one. Hoang and his team handled the whole process with 100% sensitivity, empathy and compassion. He explained the whole process to me very clearly and also constantly update us on the status for the process. He even send us some very nicely taken photos n video on our behalf, knowing that pawrents may be too grieved over the death to even take photos of it for rememberance. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that and I am totally grateful for it. The last moment with our furbaby meant so much for us. I wanna give a very big shout-out to Hoang and his team for helping us to create a very memorable and comforting closure for us with our furbaby. I am very sure our furbaby is very well rested in peace and watching over us from above. 🌈 No words can express our gratitude to Chieu Minh, especially to Hoang. 💜🤍💜

  • Agnes Huang

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